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i moved

I just took a tylenol pm for my headache so don't judge me if i sound loopy towards the end of this. Over the counter meds really knock me on my ass sometimes I guess since living in Asheville I ate pretty fresh foods and avoided coffee and sodas. So now if I have like and espresso-sized cup of coffee, I feel jacked. Its sort of awful and anxiety inducing so I try not to. Anyways.

I made the big move to my moms house in Waxhaw. But maybe I should back up. So I made the plan to leave but then wasn't 100% on where I was going. Then I went to visit my college roommate who lives in Jackson, Wyoming for a ski/snowboard vacation and they were saying they might have an opening on the dude ranch she and her girlfriends work at in the summer. So I applied! I actually met the boss and some of the people at the ranch party while i was there but I left early to meet a quasi-date. Now I have to wait until they know their returning staff and if there's a housekeeping position open I will definitely take it! I really only want housekeeping (the other option is the kitchen but i NEED a morning schedule after 4 years in food and bev). You work from 7am-12-12:30 and then have the rest of the day to hike, explore, ride ponies or any of the other awesome things you can do in Jackson in the summertime! There's also rafting on the Snake River and tons of camping and swimming. I really hope I get it, its going to be the best thing ever. Fingers are crossed.

If I don't get it I will just keep applying there's tons of jobs out there and I found some really cool alternatives in Colorado, Alaska and I'm open to just about anything. Its pretty freeing and wild. I plan to take my car cross country and backpack in national forests along the way rather than stay in hotels. Backpacking would be cheaper. But since Im actually updating all my gear it's not so cheap, its more about the adventure and experience for me. I asked my neighbor Megan if she would come along for the journey. I really want a partner. And she was a wilderness therapy instructor this past year plus she spent all her college years In Durango, CO being a nature freak so she's more experienced than I am, which is what I need. Plus she is so easygoing and awesome to talk to and it'd be fun to do it with a girl. So yeah. While I'm out there I plan on using my car to take full advantage of all the national forests I cant get to. I for sure want to hit up the Tetons, Wind River Range, Arapaho National Forest, Rocky Mtn State Park, and Mt. Hood National Forest. Mara is moving back to Portland so I want to visit her there for sure and also Ellen in San Francisco. I might have her meet me, she said she would be down to travel and meet up. Somewhere awesome in Northern Cali. I think I want to hike the John Muir trail so maybe I could meet her near there.

The ranch, or any other seasonal job will probably run from May-ish to October-ish and then ill have a month or two free. Then I want to apply at ski resorts in Colorado. I learned to ski on my last trip after getting so beaten up snowboarding and I fell in LOVE. After the winter season I want to take a super awesome tropical vacation where I can finally learn to surf. Ragan was talking about traveling to Alaska which would be awesome. Ben says he read the Northern Lights are better now than they have been or will be for several years. Its there I gotta go see it. And then a flight from Alaska to Hawaii wouldn't be too bad. Although Hawaii is not as cheap as Costa Rica or Mexico, but im getting ahead of myself here. I have time to figure it all out. Next time I post Ill have pictures and introduce myself and Louie properly.
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