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A music lesson I was not prepared for ( due to lack of having a practice space) went surprisingly well. More came back then I thought, and I was able to pick up on new phrases pretty quickly. This new song that we started is called Johnson Boys and I am trying to figure out a way to upload it on here. If you google it, you get about a thousand different versions, since fiddle tunes are so particular to their region. Its all passed down teacher student, nothing formal. I am learning from a man who learned from an old mountain man who learned from another old man. I love that about it. I also love the way my teacher explains everything to me, its so much more than what fingers go where and bowing, he can break down the music theory in a way that anyone could understand. He said that most fiddle tunes are comprised of questions and answers and i thought YES. That is exactly what I think when I listen to music but I had never been able to put it in words. Then he told me I had a good ear and intuitive playing instincts and that all I really needed was, of course, to practice and I'd be on my way to playing. It was awesome.

After an oil change I went to two different music stores on the opposite sides of town in search of a mute to put on my strings so I could practice in my house without torturing my roommates. Both stores were a bust so I googled it on my phone and found a place in Fairview, called it, and the guy agreed to stay open for me (it was 4:45) and gave me directions. His place is tucked away far far far off the beaten path but I found it and I like it. He said he was on his way over to the Fiddlin' Pig for their Monday night jam session and then he let me look at the violins he was repairing and gave me a rubber mute for FREE. I insisted on paying but he said to remember him when my violin needed work. A small one inch circle of rubber and some kind words made my day. Im excited to practice, he just introduced bow-rocking and it is challenging. Definitely out of my comfort zone which is a good place to be.
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