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Today has been a crazy one. In raft guide school I have not been feeling a whole lot of improvement but today I finally felt like, I was really turning a corner and putting everything together. In my head I always know what Im supposed to be doing but its a matter of the physical muscle memory. Rowing with your entire body not just my toothpick arms and a million other things I should keep in mind. One other guide in training's run had a really awful run. He sent us over a huge rapid sideways which ended up knocking another guy onto me and out of the boat. He then landed on my head in the water, as did the boat. I held onto my paddle and tried to swim into the eddy. Well I wasn't the only one knocked out apparently the boat in front of us had dumped everyone out and so there was kind of a line in the spot where we could climb out and so I got swept away and into the rapid again and decide to finally bid good riddance to my paddle and get my ass out of there so I didn't have to swim the next rapid. It definitely gave me a needed perspective on falling out of boats. I have never swam before and it being unexpected definitely put me in a sour mood for a minute and I felt very uneasy getting back in the boat with the guy to do the whole thing over again. Before I had always been of the attitude, well, you are in whitewater, expect to get wet. So I guess now I have more sympathy. I took a run and our instructor said it was one of the best lines he'd been in all week so that made me feel great. Then I took two more runs that weren't as good, but i heard one of the guys say something about me having balls the size of coconuts so I guess they had a good time. Or were terrified. Probably both. Anyways the Manager over the whole department was watching us today and and the end told us he would like to have us working for him this summer.

Now for the best part of the day. I was driving home and of course got stuck in 485 traffic. I checked my messages and I totally got a call back for a job I really wanted in Durango, CO. Its for a Conservation Corps and the kicker is that it starts (this) Monday at 9 am. Ha! The timing is terrible and also perfect. I definitely feel like its meant to be and Im going to try everything possible to make it happen. She is in the field all night but said she'd be in her office tmw morning so I left her a message and hopefully she'll call me back and say yes we'd love to have you and no you do not need your car here we will pick you up at the airport just fly on out. I am sooo homesick for the mountains I would love so much to go. And to take off last minute like that is always exhilarating for me. I checked the gear list and I pretty much have everything I need already. I could just pack up and be living in Colorado by Monday. ALSO the cheapest flight i found was out of Asheville (not charlotte, which is usually the case) so I'd get to go visit my buddies there before I go! Icing on the cake. So now Im going to have the most fitful night of sleeping ever and hopefully hear from the lady first thing in the morning. I will probably skip the last day of guide school tmw and start packing and make arrangements to head to Avl. I hope I hope I hope she calls me soon enough that we can make this happen!
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