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Living at home again is WEIRD. I am not used to it and its been a month. It's probably because I really don't like being in the city and I have just spent the last 11 days in Asheville and was loving being back and being outdoors and meeting cool people and seeing all my old wonderful people. I went back to take a Wilderness First Responder course and now I am certified Wilderness Medicine Institute WFR, and Adult and Child CPR. I am SO glad I did it, I learned alot, met some really great people from all over and can now fix dislocated shoulders and make splints out of backpacking gear and a million other things, which makes me feel like a supercool wilderness woman. It came about bc I was applying and applying to jobs and just kept getting more offers for dining room stuff and I realized I couldn't say yes to any of them (even if they were in the devastatingly beautiful Tetons of Wyoming) and figured i'd like to transition into outdoor work. Since I only have done outdoors recreationally, I signed up for this course to buff up my resume. And it worked, I applied for a kayak/rafting job at the USNWC and got called back the next day to sign up for guide school which just started today!

So things are looking up. But, of course, not fast enough to please my own sensibilities. I am super stressed out bc I ran out of money and have had to take on a little bit of debt. I've been lucky to not have to do it and now that im just the teensiest bit in debt it is driving me completely insane. On top of that, I missed paying a big bill and now i have a huge late fine on it which i just learned about 5 minutes ago and it is infuriating. Hopefully I will get hired once guide school is over (in one week) and can start getting paid. They said I'd get as many hours as I want. I was going to start off with 30, but now that my debt all my happiness away, maybe I'll just bump it up to the full 40. Aside from wanting to volunteer with a local Search and Rescue, thats pretty much my only priority. I'll also get to climb for free at their gym and practice kayaking in my off time. So thats pretty much how I want to spend my days. And then I'll come home and practice some tunes on the violin and read and call it a day. I think I should cancel my Netflix, it seems to suck all hope and creativity out of me. I have some sort of TV addiction sometimes. I feel like I should just cut off all contact, just getting a taste, just one episode and next thing you know, I'll wake up in a gutter with Red Netflix envelopes all around me.
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