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Sometimes I think it might be nice to live alone. For now, its almost not a choice just because it is cheaper to have roommates and less stress about bills......since that summer school session where I lived alone I had always told myself I didnt like living alone, but now I am thinking, I could do my yoga, go to work, read, write and practice music and not have to worry about interrupting someone else's daytime nap or date in the living room or whatever. I do love the spot im in now though, its so convenient and spacious it really doesnt feel like five people and two dogs (and two cats who have befriended the neighbors and have yet to make their appearance). Its nice. Life is nice. I like where I'm at right now. I could definitely improve but that'll probably always be the case.

I am also dating a new boy. He is nice and fun to hang out with. He seems alot more stable than those I've dated previously because he a) does not have a crazy ex-wife/ or a burning desire to go to rejoin the military and go to war b)does not live with his parents c)does not have a babymomma. So yay for that. And he looked really cute coming up my porch steps carrying that heart shaped box of chocolates and pralines. Its been like two or three weeks and its really nice that it happened. I had just been talking about how I wanted a totally fresh start with someone new, I was sick of dealing with all the complicated bullshit andI just cut the cord and was feeling pretty fabulous about it. Fabulous seems like a goofy word but I was feeling pretty damn good about things and now im dating again and I still am feeling good. Which is how it should be, relationships should not be tortuous mindgames. It should just be 'hey we like each other, lets hang out'.

I'm reading the Sun Also Rises and Im having a little trouble getting into it. Im about 100 pages in and Im still bored. Is it all just wealthy socialites hanging out and getting drunk and eating? Is everyone going to die or get pregnant or fall in love on page 120? Somethings gotta happen, they're about to go to Spain. I am just not in love with this book like i was in love with old man and the sea. But maybe bc that ones tied to my childhood a little bit, you always love what you liked when you were little.

I should walk Louie and practice that new tune while I've still got daylight.
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